Did Ancient China Explore America?

A Chinese classic, the Shan Hai Jing, reportedly from 2000 BC claimed travels to the ends of the earth. However, today many, while accepting the antiquity of this account, believe it was just mythology. But was it?

Testing the hypothesis that the Shan Hai Jing described actual surveys of North America, Charlotte Harris Rees, author of books about early Chinese exploration, followed an alleged 1100 mile Chinese trek along the eastern slope of the US Rocky Mountains. The Chinese account should have been easy to disprove. 

In the travelogue Did Ancient Chinese Explore America? Rees candidly shares her initial doubts then her search and discoveries. She weaves together history, subtle humor, academic studies, and many photographs to tell a compelling story.

Following the hypothetical route for early Chinese exploration in the America's put forth by Henriette Mertz in "Pale Ink," Charlotte Harris Rees in her most recent book titled "Did Ancient Chinese Explore America?" provides the speculative details of what early Asiatic explorers may have encountered if they traveled along the length of the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.